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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Check up at 28weeks 6days

Alyssa weighs est 1.5kg today. so happy to see her during scan.
Tomorrow, Alyssa will be 29weeks~! woohoo..

Week Twenty-Nine
-Your baby's head is in proportion with body now. He appears more like a newborn each and every day!
-Fat continues to accumulate under the skin -- only now preparing for entering the *real world*.
-Your baby's brain can control primitive breathing and body temperatures.
-His eyes can move in their sockets. Soon he will be able to follow a blinking light.
-Your baby is increasingly sensitive to changes in light, sound, taste, and smell! Various studies show that your baby may indicate preferences (or disdain) for particular tastes or odors at this stage
-He is also moving from side to side, but probably still is head up. In the next few weeks, he will move to the head down birthing position. At times you may feel as if he is performing somersaults for a circus act!
-Her length is now approximately 15.2 inches (38.6cm) and weight is 2.54 pounds (1153gm)

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10:00:00 PM

Sunday, October 22, 2006

2nd Antenatal Class plus TMC tour

Today, Sleepy mummy n daddy went to their 2nd Antenatal class. Today the sister talk about ways of pain relief.. Epidural sounds so scary.. Hope mummy can tahan the pain.. *jia you mummy*

Alyssa is now 28 Weeks and 2 days in the womb. 11 weeks and 5 days to go..

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3:05:00 PM

Spree @ John Little

Woooo hooo... Mummy finally bought Karmy pyjamas at john little yesterday~!! 4 pcs somemore.. luckily there is a 10% disc plus a store wide 15% disc! Nice~! Mummy got new pyjamas to wear loh..

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3:02:00 PM

Friday, October 13, 2006

Daddy's New Trick

Today daddy show mummy something 'new'.. he came home, stand at Senkiku's scratchpole n start scratching.. the next moment, senkiku walk to the scratchpole n scratch with daddy ---> daddy gave mummy a HL look.

Before that, he already proven to mummy that he can ask Senkiku to 'sit' and 'stand'.. well done Daddy!

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9:34:00 PM

Thursday, October 12, 2006

New resolutions for the next 3 months

Mummy now will try to be as happy / cheerful as possible for the sake of Alyssa. Granny says mummy always fall sick cos she keep too much "anger" to herself, thats y keep falling sick n feel heaty.. Sigh~ must learn how to "see open".. accept the fact that Mummy is FAT and Tummy is HUGE. YESS. learn how to accept what ppl commented abt her preggie look and at the same time.. not to be angry.. accept wat they say. the KEY is DO NOT GET ANGRY.

-----> alright.. its time to cut down on mood swings

Also, need to lower expectations about everything around her. this way, she will not feel stressed n pek chek when expectations not met.

Do not compare what you do not have with others, learn to feel contented and appreciate all friends n family..

-------> ok.. mummy will try her best also.

*please wish me all the best.. i know its not easy to do the above, i am no saint. but i will try... give me some time.. for sake of my family, i.e. daddy n alyssa*

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10:35:00 PM

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I will add some photos after I have some free time to take them n upload.. the blog is still under construction..

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4:30:00 PM

Sick Again

Mummy is sick again... on and off for 1 mth already.. sad.
sore throat is back, nose is block again, eyes itch again.. dunno what to say.

well, mummy is learning to make the blog looks nicer while daddy is playing Maple story (as usual).. why cant daddy help?

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12:07:00 PM

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Movie Day

Yeah.. Finally watch a movie together after nth month.. cant even remember when is the last movie after mummy got preg...
We watch Rob-B-hood at Westmall. Baby Alyssa keep kicking thru out the movie- maybe she heard the handsome bb's crying? hahaha.. Its really a nice show.. and Mr Koo is still as good looking as b4..

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11:42:00 PM

Friday, October 06, 2006

Discovery date - 12 May 2006

Woke up very very early today.. cant sleep.. suspect that I am preg... i secretly wake up, quietly take the clear blue test kit n go toilet to test... starting at the kit for 3-5 mins.. saw 2 lines!!!!
wooohooo.. i am preg~!! faster woke Steve up n show him the 2 lines.. altho' i know he want a kid very very much.. he still can act cool and say: really? think we better go doc to confirm.. Immediately, we went to our GP to test.. and its POSITIVE.. doc congrats us... Steve n me left the clinic w big big smile... cant keep out mouth close.. wahhaha..
Go back home.. log on to Singapore motherhood.. n start reading the threads..

Its a big big mother's day pressie to my mum n MIL.. MIL cant stop smiling.. hiak hiak.

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10:55:00 AM

Our Wedding day -13 March 2005

Officially Married.

Here are some pics to share:

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