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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mummy trying to get her pre-preggie Figure back

Look at the During (9 mths) and after preggie (12 days later) pic..

After 10 days, Mummy already lost 10kg, thanks to Kak Lela.. but still got 5-6kg more to lose before back to pre-preg weight.. Now mummy's tummy is flabby n full of ugly marks n wrinkles..

Mummy: OMG~! still got a LONG LONG way to go... ~FAINT~

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8:24:00 PM

Baby Pic - 3rd week

This is Alyssa - 3 weeks old (look at her chubby cheeks)

Mummy: Yeah.. I will be free from confinement soon~! hopefully I can handle gal gal by myself...

Here's a Pic of daddy just finish bathing Alyssa (see she keeps crying):

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8:17:00 PM

Friday, January 26, 2007

Baby pic - 2nd wk

This is Alyssa - 2 wks old.

Daddy bath for Alyssa for the first time.. and Alyssa Poo poo all over daddy. haha. Poor daddy got to change a set of new clothings before continue bathing Alyssa.

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9:42:00 PM

Monday, January 15, 2007

The Arrival of Baby Alyssa Woon

Long time no blog.. been busy n lazy n tired.. for both daddy and mummy..

Here is Baby Alyssa's arrival log:

On 3rd Jan 2007 (Daddy & Mummy's 3rd year anniversary)

1030am : mummy got a bit of show, took some books to see if i am in labour, but book says no. So din get too excited abt it.

1130am : start to feel irregular contracitons, but since mummy is having it all the time.. din think too much abt it..

1230pm : off to lunch at Lot one, before lunch - queuing at Post office to buy more off-peak car coupons, queue for 1hr, mummy nearly fainted.. back started to ache like hell.. had lunch at 130pm then head to TMC for routine gynae check up

230pm : reach gynae clinic, take urine test, etc.. then as usual waiting for our turn..

300pm : finally its our turn, told gynae got show in morning, she check immediately n ask if mummy got contractions, mummy say ya.. but irregular.. n the next moment, she is bursting the waterbag saying alr 1.5 to 2 cm dilated. (was in shock), push out of the room by wheelchair, n nurses/daddy prep for admission.. mummy was wheel to labour ward for delivery.. cant believe its happening so fast..

5pm-7pm : in birth room, mummy watching tv.. chatting w daddy.. contractions are mild.. no need any pain relieve yet. had fish porridge n black chicken soup for dinner.

730pm : doc come in to check say not much dilation.. so put mummy on drip to get more intense contractions.. within 20mins.. mummy was asking nurse to give gas (still can smile n ask politely)

1100pm : cannot take it liao. contractions too intense cos nurse keep increasing the dosage of my drip.. contract abt every 2mins, ask for the jab on thigh.. REN!! nothing happen after the jab.. was in pain until whole body shaking n grabing on gas.. lost track of wat is gng on..

1145pm : BEG for epidural!!! tell daddy cannot take it anymore.. cant even talk properly.. nurse check to see if still in time for it.. and after so much PAIN!~! not much dilations.. only at ard 3cm!! trying to REN thru every painful contractions while waiting for doc.

On 4th Jan 2007

12midnight: on epidural, feel instant relieve.. n doze off for a few mins.. then pain starts again.. this time was more painful then before so ask nurse WHY STILL SO PAIN even epidural.. she check the machine/drip, say should not feel anything leh.. mummy insisted that the pain was very intense..

1225am : nurse finally realise that the dilation is almost there, can start to push already.. WAS SO SHOCK!!! dilate so FAST???? pushing when got contractions, once start pushing, cant really feel contractions.. if dun push feel like dying.. so mummy knows exactly how it feels WITHOUT epidural.

0110am : been nearly an hour.. still pushing.. exhausted.. head almost crowning, but still got 1-2cm to go.. nurse call gynae in to help me.. gynae rush down from home.

0120am : gynae arrive.. assisted to push.. but mummy really done her best, no more energy.. so she prep vacuum to pull bb out..

0130am : taadaa.. Baby Alyssa is out after assisted by vacuum n episotomy, n after 4 LONG n STRONG pushes from mummy..

Baby Alyssa

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2:46:00 PM

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BABY: Alyssa Woon
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